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RSS provide non electrical emergency lighting products by IllumiTread.™ Electrical Emergency lighting and signage are often subject to failure, resulting in impairment of safe egress, muster or movement around the installation. IllumiTread™ low level Photoluminescent labeling, tracking and directional marking provide a non-electric, highly visible alternative in an emergency or major hazard situation, providing illumination when it is needed.

Our Goal is to provide you with a full turn - key service including definition of your requirements by site survey or evaluation of your drawings, MTO, manufacture, supply and installation providing our comprehensive products and our considerable expertise.

IllumiTread™  provides Photoluminescent light that provides a reliable light source for many hours after electrical power loss.  

Photoluminescence is also referred too as Phosphorescence and operates in a very similar manner.  An energy source, usually light energy excites the electrons of the Photoluminescent material. That vibration is given off as light energy. Unlike fluorescent light, once the energy source is removed, the electrons continue to give off light for a significant period of time.

The Green line represents the brightness level at which the human eye can no longer detect light.  0.3 mcd/ m2

Note: The unit of measure for afterglow Luminance is millicandelas/ square meter (mcd/ m2)

This graph illustrates the ten fold higher performance of the SrAl vs. the conventional ZnS. When charged by the same source energy, the SrAl glows

almost ten times longer, 110 minutes vs. 1000 minutes.

IllumiTread™  is fail-safe and guaranteed to operate in any emergency situation.


• Non -toxic

• Non - radioactive

• Environmentally friendly

• Durable and reliable

• Fire - resistant

• UV - stable

• Weather resistant

• Easily installed and maintained.

IllumiTread™  can be used for the following offshore applications: -

• Stair nosing's

• Hand rails

• Demarcation / way-finding strips

• Obstacle markers

• Directional signs

• Aisle markers

IllumiTread™  Delivers the highest luminescence levels available but requires significantly less ambient light to recharge.  

We use only the highest grade Strontium Illuminate pigments (rather than Zinc Sulfide).  IllumiTread™ 30 times brighter than standard Photoluminescent

materials, providing a rating that exceeds the New York City Building Code - RS 6-1 6-1A.  

Full product specifications are available by request.


Photoluminescent Safety, Fire, First Aid and General Signage

RSS also provide a full range of IllumiTread™,  Photoluminescent signs for Fire Exits, Fire Fighting Equipment, Directional Arrows and General Signs, these are available throughout our full range of Pictograms and Warning Signs.  

All information provided within this page has been supplied by IllumiTread™,  All technical specifications were correct at the time this site was constructed, however, we rely solely on the information provided to us by IllumiTread™  


Technical Specification: -

• Brightness has been tested in accordance with ISO 17398.

• 2,000 hour weather meter test performed in accordance with ASTM G155.

• Salt Spray Corrosion tested in accordance with ASTM D4828.

• Flame Spread tested in accordance with ASTM D635.

• Radioactivity requirement tested in accordance with ASTM D3648.

• Color Options - Yellow Green.

• Minimum Thickness: [0.01 inch]  [0.3 mm]

Here is an example comparing initial brightness and afterglow comparing both pigment systems.

After five minutes both are glowing well, but the conventional ZnS is already showing signs of  deterioration.

After 60 minutes, the conventional ZnS pigment system has all but extinguished itself while the SrAl pigment system continues.

For more information, please call and one of our representatives, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Tel: 281 676 8008   Fax: 281 676 8033



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