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IMO Safety Signs - Pictograms:

Are designed to provide visual information spanning all language barriers.  These types of signs comply with ISO 3864, the specification for international standards for safety systems. US Governing Bodies include, ANSI, OSHA & US Coast Guard.


The category of signs is exhaustive and provides compliance for many governing bodies worldwide.  If you do not see the sign you need, please call us and we will be happy to assist or email us at or Our staff will be happy to help.  

Due to the large selection of signs we carry call us and we will send you a catalogue

If you require a particular regulatory sign or special order we would be happy to produce It for you.

All IMO Signs are available in the following: -

• Pre-Printed onto Di-Bond Backing SLIB boards

• Vinyl

• Vinyl Mounted on Plastic or Foamex.

Sizes available in: -

228mm x 228mm =   9” x 9”

180mm x 180mm =   7” x 7”’

140mm x 140mm =   5.5” x 5.5”

380mm x 380mm =   15” x 15”

IMO pictograms can be used as part of the safety location and information board systems (SLIB).

The SLIB system is designed to eradicate sign blindness by providing a structured system for displaying pictorial sign categories at each location.

Di-Bond backing boards are used and can be provided with:-

3 x 6 x 8 x 12 and 24 square displays.  Di-Bond is durable and hardwearing suitable for marine environments and guaranteed for seven years from UV degradation and fading.

All Pictograms are UV protected and can be supplied in Photoluminescent Hi-Glo material if required.  From a single sign to a complete signage package, We can visit your facility and carry out a comprehensive survey, alternatively we can carry out a desk top survey.

IMO - M01  Lifeboat IMO - M02  Rescue Boat IMO - M03  Liferaft IMO - M04  Evacuation Slide IMO - M05  Lifebuoy IMO - M06  Lifebuoy with Rope IMO - M07  Life Jacket IMO - M08  Immersion Suite - Child IMO - M09  Immersion Suite IMO - M10  Lifebuoy and Light IMO - M11  Launch Liferaft IMO - M12  Embarkation Ladder IMO - M13  Lifebuoy, Light & Smoke IMO - M14  Survival Craft Portable Radio IMO - M15  EPIRB IMO - M16  Radar Transponder IMO - M17  Survival Craft Pyrotechnic Distress Signal IMO - M18  Rocket Parachute Flare IMO - M19  S-Arrow IMO - M20  A-Arrow IMO - M21  Letters A - Z IMO - M22  Life Buoy with Smoke and Rope IMO - M23  Life Buoy with Light, Smoke and Rope IMO - M24  Numbers -  0 - 9 IMO - M25  Line Throw IMO - M26  Muster Point IMO - M27  Tie Loads Down IMO - M28  Air Supply IMO - M29  Start Engine IMO - M30  Lower Lifeboat to Water IMO - M31  Fasten Seat Belt IMO - M32  Lower Liferaft to Water IMO - M33  Secure Hatches IMO - M34  Release Falls IMO - M35  Release Grips IMO - M36  Start Water Spray IMO - M37  Lower Rescue Boat to Water

For more information, please call and one of our representatives, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Tel: 281 676 8008   Fax: 281 676 8033



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