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RSS Single Entry Escape Chute Systems

The Three Layered Escape Chute system is an invaluable aid when used for applications whereby persons are at risk at height and do not have a rapid means of egress to ground level in an emergency event.

The escape chute not only offers heat and flame protection but is a rapid and safe means to egress from a tall structure. The benefit of the Three Layered Escape Chute System is that it is capable of evacuating persons quickly, yet provides a relatively safe and enclosed environment for the evacuees.  The enclosed chute is helpful when used to evacuate people/persons with height phobias or similar ailments.  

Ounce in the chute you will descend to ground level safely and calmly.  This type of escape chute requires no physical exertion from the occupants and can accommodate, stretchers or persons wearing fall protection or safety equipment.  By moving arms and legs outwards your descent speed is reduced, however descent in all cases is controlled.  It is always preferred to have trained personal at the top and bottom of the chute, this ensures that people who are panicking can be re-assured and the evacuation controlled.  The person at the ground level will help evacuees exit from the air gap at the base of the chute.  

This is helpful if an evacuee becomes unconscious while in the chute as the trained person at ground level will grab the last 4/5 feet of chute and twist it to create a break and will allow the unconscious person to be removed from the chute  safely.  

• Cranes, High Reach Platforms

• General Towers, Aviation Watch Towers

• Platforms, Marine, Docks, Manufacturing

• Heavy Machinery such as Mining Equipment

• Commercial Structures

In most countries Occupational Health & Safety and Fire Regulation codes are in place.  These codes lay out in most cases the minimum acceptable requirements for the safety of employees at work.  The employer has a responsibility to provide adequate means of  evacuation egress for workers operating at height.

In the event of a hazard situation in the workplace or workstation of a tall structure, such workers are required to egress to safety quickly, this is usually the responsibility of the employer and safety managers. In many situations the escape chute  provides the ideal solution in these type of emergency situations.

Escape chutes can and are used in various industrial areas, anywhere where a worker could be trapped in an emergency situation with no other means of emergency egress. For example, with installation of an escape chute in grain silos, process plants, control towers, hydraulic mining shovels, overhead cranes, etc., in an emergency situation, workers can quickly get to the ground in less than a minute.

Example - Emergency Escape Chutes For Mining Equipment:

The application of Emergency Escape Chutes to provide emergency egress for fixed and mobile mining equipment was first initiated in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales, Australia in 1998.  The decision to apply the chute for mining equipment is increasing, particularly after a recent incident where a Hydraulic Shovel caught fire and the operator escaped injury by the use of an escape chute ensuring that the system meets the customers particular needs.

RSS experience with installations on mining equipment for heavy plant machinery, dock cranes, high level structures, petrochemical plants and many applications has provided us with a wealth of experience in overcoming all types of applications and installation requirements as they differ greatly from project to project.  Also consideration must be given to the type of operational environment and applications such as heavy mining equipment and coker units at petrochemical plants require a specific method to store the chute in its container, to protect from penetration by water, dust, fowling form animals and birds nesting and to minimize damage from general mechanical vibration.

RSS custom-design and supply the chute to meet these demanding conditions. The container is fitted with a dust seal to ensure that the unit continues to be fully operational for the initial 6 months period after installation.  This 6 month period also provides time to organize training of relevant personnel, who will carry out regular maintenance of the system, alternatively RSS can carry out a  6 monthly maintenance inspection.

For all other applications other than mining equipment Annual service is required not six monthly.

Safety Recommendation:

Due to the demanding conditions experienced by such units, it is important and strongly recommended to have the chute inspected every 12 months to ensure that the dust protection is replaced at every service.  RSS recommend that 6 monthly visual checks are carried out by the customers maintenance team and on each inspection inspect the dust seal. Vibration of the machinery will wear the dust protection seal and may damage the outer [fire-protective] layer of the chute itself.

Installations on mining, cranes, coker units require that the chute and container be purpose built to suit that particular type of application. RSS will design a chute container to fit the working platform of each type of operational environment and custom design the chute and container to match each customers particular needs.

RSS can design a Escape Chute System to suite your particular needs, please call one of our fully trained representatives.

For more information, please call and one of our representatives, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Tel: 281 676 8008   Fax: 281 676 8033



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